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All The Cars: Interclassics Brussels

Interclassics Brussels was a couple weeks ago and I was lucky enough to go with Jobjoris since I was already in France for the End of WWI Centenary. This has to be the biggest car show/market I’ve ever been to. Three huge halls filled with every classic European (and some American) car you can think of plus some. Most of them for sale. It’s held in the imposing and huge Brussels Expo building which was built in the mid 30’s for a world’s fair.

The architecture gives off that15 “World War II is coming” vibe. World Expo ‘58 was also held here and that’s when they put up the amazing Atomium nearby.

Anyway, this time of year it holds lots and lots of awesome cars. Here’s a bunch of pictures of them.

A two-engined, 4X4 Citroën 2CV Sahara
This Iso Isocarro 400 truck was one of my favorites. It looks like a grasshopper. Here it’s serving coffee.
Bizzarrini P538 built in 1970
This ‘64 Iso Rivolta GT also has an insectoid face.

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